The LionHeartSystem .

The LionHeartSystem is a fitness system.

designed to address health and fitness from a variety of approaches. The founder and operator Isaac Coles, is a NASM Certified Trainer, and USA Boxing Certified Boxing Coach. This combination of background leads to a creative approach to training. With a strong background in calisthenics, weight training and cardiovascular training, Isaac is able to assess your current fitness level and apply a program that is unique, progressive and ever changing, to give your body it's best chance at reaching it's peak performance and aesthetic.

Isaac is also a Boxing Coach

with a team of amateur boxers, fighting out of Sacramento California. With fighters reaching Golden Glove victories and also fighting in National Tournaments, Shallow Boxing Team is looking to produce top quality fighters. The foundation that his fighters have in common is the benefit of being a LionHeart client! They are trained to fight with peak conditioning and technique.

The LionHeartSystem

No matter your age, experience level or fitness goal. The LionHeartSystem is capable of helping you reach them. Whether you are an athlete or just someone looking to stay in peak condition, the LionHeartSystem works for you!.